How Many Boxes Do I Need To Move A 3-Bed Home?

The number of boxes required to move house is always dependent on the volume to be moved.

There are 4 types of boxes:

►   1 box per 2 feet of books

►   2 boxes per single kitchen cupboard (2’ x 2’ x 18”)

►   1 box per 2 drawers of regular chest of drawers

►   1 box per regular wardrobe door

On average, a 3-bedroom property (excluding garage, shed, and garden) has a volume of 1750ft3 to move. We would call this a 140-box move split as follows:

These specifics can be adjusted according to the actual contents. For example: If you have 50 feet of books, you would need 25 book boxes.

This is only a guideline based on our experience of 20 000 moves, and the final boxes used can differ by 20% depending on the actual contents and how they are packed.

Photo Credit: Arbo 2008

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