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We regularly help companies move their offices across London. We will survey your office prior to the move and assist in the planning and co-ordination right through to the unpacking of the last crate.

We have a highly skilled office moving team who will dismantle and reassemble desks, assist with internal moving, planning around swing space and other contractors.

We provide a crate delivery service and can hire in crates for any purpose ranging from a standard A3 crate to Computer Crates for IT equipment. Crates are quoted on a weekly hire which gives you time to pack and unpack.

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Managing Your Office Move

Move Management
All moves happen for a reason. For office moves this could include downsizing, upsizing, merging, location or financial constraints. Whatever the reason is, this will affect the choice of office that you move to and will dictate the scope of removal services that you require. We have made a printable sheet that you can use to start your planning.

Floor Plan
The first step to planning a successful removal is to set out the floor plan of your new office. Start by considering the number, shape and size of the desks. If possible, draw up a floor plan of the new office, taking care to allow enough space for chairs and gaps between desks for cabling. Next, think about where you will be placing storage cupboards and photocopiers. Don’t forget to plan out reception areas, boardrooms, break rooms and so forth.

While thinking about what is needed in the new office, you may find that there are things leftover from the old office that are not necessary anymore. These may include pieces of furniture; computers and IT equipment or even old paperwork. You need to think about what you are going to do with these items. Old computer and paper files may need to be archived or confidentially destroyed. If you have enough time, you could sell the furniture. Or you could look for a charity who may be able to use the furniture or perhaps offer the furniture on Freecycle. Alternatively, we can always take these items to the recycling centre.

Now that you know what will be going across to the new office, you need to think about the little things. There will be desk contents and files that need to be packed up before the actual relocation can take place. Most companies encourage their employees to pack up their own desk contents and their files. Items of a confidential nature can be kept secure with ties, allowing you to remain compliant with legal requirements during the moving process. We can also assist by helping with the packing process, working within your filing system to ensure that files reach the correct destination.

Safe removal
Moving safes and fireproof cabinets is a very specialist job and requires expertise and experience to ensure an accident free move. We work closely with a company who provide this service and will happily arrange this as part of your move.


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