A-Level Results Are In

Thousands of A-Level students will receive their results today, which will confirm whether or not they have a place at university. Over the next two months we will be inundated with phone calls from students trying to arrange for their personal belongings to be moved to their new residence. We are quite happy to help these students, however, we find that they generally are keen to keep costs down to a minimum. As we have larger vans that are used to move big family homes and offices, we find that we don’t necessarily fit within their budget. However, Amber Moves will always find a way and so we have teamed up with a courier company who can always help these young people. Greg Jenks of A2B Deliveries manages a fleet of smaller vehicles who specialise in transporting small loads over long distances and he would always be happy to help. You can contact him on 020 8424 999.

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