Amber Moves New Logo

We are proud to launch our new and improved Amber Moves logo. The website has been updated, new business cards have arrived and slowly but surely we will roll it out on our vans, uniforms and stationery.

In these difficult times, you have to constantly evolve and update to stay ahead of the game. We were very lucky to have the services of a top graphic designer, Jeannine Meano, who offered her services at a very reduced rate. With lots of consultation and drafts the new logo was born. The idea behind the logo was to keep our recognised brand identity but to add some pizzaz. The orange waves coming off the elipse signify speed and movement. A key part of the decision making was how the logo would look on our vans – one of our most successful marketing tools.

In many ways the logo has evolved as the company has. When we started out we had the name Amber Moves but no logo. Our original logo was created on word art – very simplistic but actually very effective. In the same way, the company was a very small but simple and effective organisation. As we perfected our skills, gained confidence and bigger clients, so we grew. Our website is now our biggest asset and brings in new business every day and as such we need to make sure it looks fresh and up to date and this includes the new logo. Gone are the days when companies would produce a glossy brochure to showcase their skills – with the advent of the internet and everyone considering their green credentials, a polished, informative website is vital to any organisation.

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