ARCHIVING: an explanation in time.

An archive is a box of information, generated by a business, that needs to be retained for record and statutory reasons. Archiving is the storage management and eventual secure destruction of these data boxes. There are typically three strategies employed by businesses. The first method is to store the boxes in the company office. This results (as the boxes mount up) in a cluttered unmanaged and ineffective use of expensive office space. Staff time is wasted on discovery and eventual secure disposal. As business grows, more staff are required and so an early office move is deemed necessary, which is great news for organisations like Amber Moves, a leading light in the London Based Office Removals industry.The second strategy is to store offsite using a self-store unit. This is a seemingly economical solution to clearing premium office space. However, who delivers and collects the boxes, who keeps track of the boxes, how is the security of your company records maintained? These problems are great news for Amber Moves, who provide secure data storage solutions to the London Based Office Removals Industry.The third and perhaps ideal programme for archiving is to use an off-site records storage system. The boxes are provided and managed using a bar code tracking system, which can be implemented to the individual file level as required. The archive and storage company provides a pick up and retrieval service. Information, invoicing and returns are managed. Disposal and destruction systems are put in place. Your office is not filled with excessive yet important files. Staff time is not wasted trying to locate long forgotten invoices, the security of the data is guaranteed. Business organisations will only need larger premises for the right reasons. Which is great news for Amber Moves who provide off-site Archiving, Storage and removals for London Based Offices.

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