Office Moves in Richmond

Our Office Moving Services in Richmond

The professional moving team at Amber Moves has the experience and expertise to deal with complex office moves. Whether you’re relocating your business to or from Richmond, we can assist with moving, planning, and management of your office removal. We’ve helped businesses of all kinds, from boutique fashion studios to large corporate headquarters. Moving your business to a new space shouldn’t be a huge headache; at Amber Moves, we help it go more smoothly by providing our advice and guidance. With us, your Richmond office move will go over efficiently, right down to the last crate. 

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Managing Your Office Move

Relocation Management
No matter the size or type of your business, moving to a new space is always a huge task. You might be looking to grow and need a bigger office, or you may want to downsize as you shift to remote working. Whatever your goals with your Richmond office removal, our commercial movers can help manage the process.

We’ve done many extensive office relocations in Richmond, so we’re aware of the complexities involved. To make your process more seamless, we’ll assist with the more difficult logistical aspects of your move, such as arranging parking, advising on the best route to your new office, and helping set out the floorplan of your new space.

Crate Delivery Service
In addition to Richmond office removals, we also offer a crate delivery service. You can hire crates of various sizes, from A3 crates to computer crates for IT equipment. We handle crates with the utmost care and attention and quote rates for our crates on a weekly basis so you have plenty of time to unpack them.

Office Furniture Removal & Packing
You may have spent a lot of time creating your current office floorplan, and prefer to keep it that way in your new space. We’ll assist with packing to ensure all field and desk contents arrive at the proper destination and arrange for moving any specialist office equipment such as safes and fireproof cabinets.

Office Furniture Disposal
When you choose Amber Moves for your Richmond office relocation, we can also offer a disposal service for your furniture, paperwork, or old IT equipment. If some documents need to be archived or destroyed confidentially, we can also do secure disposal.

Office Furniture Recycling
If we dispose of your office furniture and items, we will ensure they are taken to recycling centres. We help make your move as environmentally friendly as possible, so you can rest easy knowing your old materials won’t go to landfill.

Relocating in Richmond

Richmond is well-known as a nice residential area for families, but what makes it appealing for businesses? All the open spaces, classic architecture, and riverside views that attract families also attract business owners who want a charming backdrop for their offices. Richmond is well-connected to public transport, so commuting to the office is easy. It’s only 20 minutes by train to Waterloo and 30 minutes to Westminster. 

Businesses that want a calm setting that still provides access to amenities will find office spaces of all kinds in Richmond. From classic buildings to more modern constructions, your business is sure to find a space that will both impress your clients and offer an enjoyable working environment. Shopping and relaxing outdoors are some of Richmond’s biggest features, so you can head out for some sport after work or stop by shops for needed supplies on your lunch break.


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