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    Introduction to office moves service

    Relocating your office is never an easy task, no matter how big your office is. You may be downsizing to shift more to remote working, or maybe your business is expanding and you need more space. Whatever your situation, our professional movers can help ensure your office removal goes smoothly. We offer a wide range of office moving services to fit your needs. With many years of experience in commercial moving, we understand the care and attention to detail that’s needed for successful office relocation.

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    Managing Your Office Move

    Move Management
    Our experienced movers can offer advice and support when it comes to managing your office move. We can help you organise your items and office furniture, oversee the movement of sensitive or confidential materials, and help you plan your route to your new space. Whether you’re a boutique fashion studio, retail shop, or large company with corporate offices, we’ll make your office removal go more smoothly. Moving to a new office location has never been easier and more hassle-free.

    Floor Plan
    Setting up a floor plan for your new office can be a major struggle, especially if you have hundreds of employees. You may wish to keep your floor plan as similar to your old building as possible, but you may not be able to due to the layout of your new site. When we do your office removal, we can help you devise a new floor plan or ensure it’s set up exactly like your old one. We’ll make sure desks and other office furniture are set up with the right computers and other accessories as well, so there’s minimal confusion when your employees come to work at the new site.

    In addition to relocating your office, we can also offer a furniture disposal service. Moving is a good time to update your office furniture, but you need somewhere to dispose of your old stuff. We can take your old items off your hands and to a recycling centre, so it doesn’t end up in landfill. If you have old tech or computer equipment, we can also help you dispose of these items. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to get rid of your old items, you should focus your attention on setting up your new office and getting back to work.

    Our professional movers use best practices when packing up your office. We use only the highest-quality packing materials to ensure your items are secure, and we pack everything in a way that eliminates the risk of damage. We understand that some office furniture and tech equipment is valuable to your company, and having to replace these items would be a significant cost. Office removals shouldn’t come with any extra burdens, so we take great care when packing your items. You can rest easy knowing your items and equipment will be safe.

    Safe removal
    We take precautions to ensure all of your office supplies, equipment, and furniture makes it to your new location securely. If you have confidential files or documents that must be transported according to laws or regulations, we can accommodate them. We also ensure your items are at zero risk of being damaged as they’re being packed and transported. As we dismantle and reassemble desks, assist with internal moving, or even plan around a swing space and other contractors, we always keep safety and security in mind. You have enough to worry about with an office relocation. Safely packing items shouldn’t be a concern.


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    Amber Moves aims to offer a broad service offering to their clients who need help to move their homes or offices. In essence, we have manpower, vehicles, materials and tools that we combine in a variety of ways to solve our customers’ moving problems.

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