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Our Office Moving Services in West London

Office moves in West London can be a hassle, no matter what size your business is. At Amber Moves, our commercial movers understand the complexities of office removals, and know how much planning and management is involved in an office move. We offer a professional moving service to help you relocate your business, whether you’re moving to or from West London. With years of experience helping businesses of all kinds with their office relocations, we have the knowledge to guide you through the process and offer our advice. When you move with Amber Moves, your office removal will go more smoothly.

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Managing Your Office Move

Relocation Management
Whether you’re downsizing your office space for remote working, starting a new business, or expanding to a larger office, relocating is a big task. We help businesses with the planning and management of office moves, ensuring your West London office removal is as efficient as possible.

Office relocations involve several logistical details that can be hard to manage on your own – especially if you’re trying to keep your daily business operations going. We assist with some logistical aspects of your move, such as finding parking, advising on a route, and helping you set out your new office floorplan.

Crate Delivery Service
In addition to West London office relocations, we also offer crate delivery service. You can choose from among crates of all sizes, from A3 to computer crates for your office IT equipment. We always handle crates with care, ensuring they arrive at your new office space undamaged. We also rent out crates for one week at a time, so you have plenty of time to unpack.

Office Furniture Removal & Packing
Moving your office furniture to your new space requires planning and organisation if you want to set up desk and field contents in the same arrangement. We assist with packing to ensure everything is accounted for and can even arrange for moving of specialised office equipment such as safes.

Office Furniture Disposal
Office removal is a good time to dispose of old furniture or equipment you no longer need. As part of our office relocation service, we can offer furniture disposal, taking your old office furniture, paperwork, or IT equipment to recycling centres. We can also securely destroy any confidential documents if needed.

Office Furniture Recycling
When you choose our office furniture disposal service, we aim to recycle as much as possible. We’ll take your furniture, IT equipment, and other office items to the appropriate centres so that they don’t end up in landfill. You can be sure you’ll have an environmentally friendly office relocation in West London with Amber Moves.

Relocating in West London

West London is known for its beautiful and affluent boroughs, making it attractive for both residents and business owners. From upscale Kensington to multicultural Hammersmith, West London is full of areas that your business can thrive in. With a wide variety of property types, you should also be able to find an office space that suits your business and impresses your clients. 

As one of the most economically active areas of London, West London has both blue-chip international conglomerates and independent, local businesses. It’s also near to Heathrow Airport for important business travel and contains Europe’s largest industrial estate, Park Royal. Add the fact that West London is also a hub of entertainment, arts, and leisure, and you have an attractive area for any type of business. Growing sectors in West London include tourism and services, the public sector, hi-tech, and media.

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