Before you can transport the contents of a home you must ensure that everything has been put into manageable blocks. Furniture that is large or cumbersome must be dismantled into smaller pieces and the bits in cupboards must be packed into boxes. It is easier to protect a smaller simple shape rather than a big complicated shape. Working with “blocks” means that each item is easier for an individual to carry up and down stairs and it also means that the vans can be loaded more efficiently.

Typical pieces of furniture that require dismantling include beds (single, double, bunk and hydraulic); sofas (modular, corner units and sofabeds); wardrobes (single, double and modular); exercise equipment; dining tables and desks. If possible, it is preferable to avoid dismantling as this adds time to the job. However, sometimes dismantling is an absolute necessity in situations where a particular piece of furniture is not able to be removed from a room, taken up or down a stairway or through a doorway.

A hand stacks colourful blocks neatly.

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