Box Clever when moving home

One of the many questions you will need to consider when moving home is ‘how many boxes do I need for my house removal’ ?’. There is no single figure, as every move is different and every item varies in its fragility, size and weight. However based on twenty – five year exp0erience as a london removals estimate/surveyor with Amber Moves, I am able to give these guidelines to the prospective mover.

A one bed property will need 50- 60 boxes, with perhaps four wardrobe boxes for clothes.

A two bed property will need 70-100 boxes with probably six wardrobe boxes for clothes

A three bed property will need 130-150 boxes with maybe ten wardrobe boxes for clothes

As the property gets bigger with the additions of bedrooms, garages, garden; the number of boxes required will dramatically increase. All the boxes used should be strong and 2 or 3 ply walled. It is recommended that all your homes items are boxed when one needs to use storage. Flimsey boxes will collapse and will not protect your valuables. The range of boxes awailable for a move is consderable, however, a box the size of a standard microwave is the best for stacking, carrying and protecting your possessions. A few larger boxes for bedding, lampshades, stereos, TV’s may be appropriate. It is best to pack books at the bottom to half the volume and put lighter items to the top. All boxes should be labelled clearly with contents and should be entered into a checklist inventory

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