Buoyant Office Move Market

January 2009 has seen another busy month for office moves in London. It is a combination of companies downsizing equally matched with companies expanding and moving to bigger and better premises in spite of the recession. This is very uplifting as it serves to remind that it is not all doom and gloom out there – there are companies that are prospering, planning for the future and paving the way for a recovery for the economy as a whole.

As is typical of all the removal business these office moves are very often only booked in at short notice. But this is where we excel – we can take the inital enquiry, survey the building, deliver crates and carry out the move all in the space of 3 days. Due to the short notice that both the client and us as the removals company has, there has to be a lot of flexbility and starting out the day thinking “think the unexpected”. Being a small to medium size firm we can adapt and provide the flexibility that larger structured firms are unable to do. The outcome is always that the move is done in time, everyone is sitting where they should and the company is up and running the day after the move.

So it’s crates and bubblewrap all the way for 2009!

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