Busy home moving period right up till Christmas

The moving market is surprisingly bouyant as home movers try to complete and be settled in time for Christmas. We have had a big upsurge in bookings for December and expect to be working right up to Xmas Eve. It is predominantly large family homes in the London area although we have seen a trend of people trading up by moving out of the London area.

The run up to the year end and xmas is always stressful and of course do you put up the decorations or pack them? Family life has to carry on and with the time between exchange and completion so short, it’s hard to know how to plan for your move.

Our advice is always to start clearing and sorting. Have an advance delivery of packing cartons, as you may as well box up those things that aren’t essential thus making the packing up of your house much easier once you get that phone call that says it’s all on.

How do you clear and sort and where should it all go? Good old Ebay is always the first place to start as the extra cash will come in handy. The alternative is to try the website Freecyle – post up your unwanted items, and give them away in return for having them collected.

The charities are always looking for stock as this is the lifeblood of their shops. Remember that they don’t want items they can’t sell – good quality clothing that you never wear, books, kids toys and bric a brac are always appreciated.

As a reputable removal company with strong ethics, we are happy to drop your donations off the local charity shop.

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