Commercial Relocations in London

Whether we are deeply in recession or starting to see an upturn, with the worst behind us, the fact remains that companies will continue to relocate offices in London.

Moving to smaller premises to reduce costs

Upgrading to better premises because rents are now cheaper and prime office space is sitting empty

Closing down and amalgamating offices

Expanding and growing business (this does happen during a recession!)

Regardless of the reason behind the office move, there is still the work and costs involved to be considered. It is only when you start planning an office move do you realise what’s involved. Amber Moves comes into play somewhere down the line once you have made the decision to move and can advise you on how to carry out the move, pack up in advance with the supply of crates, dispose of unwanted office furniture and arranging off-site storage for files, archives, excess furniture. Right down to sorting out the parking suspensions outside the building, always a problem in London, Amber Moves carries out your office move with the least amount of stress and the most amount of help and support.

We also work in partnership with companies arranging secure shredding, safe removals, cleaning services and crate hire.

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