Crate Hire and Moving Office

Ask anyone who has organised an office move and they will say that crate hire is the bane of their life. At the end of every move, invariably crates will go missing and or employees won’t get around to unpacking their crates.

The problem with crates is that staff often don’t realise the cost of hiring or replacing and quite frankly they are handy things to appropriate for home. Alternatively they lie around the office half emptied and become a health and safety hazard.

The best way to manage your crate hire on an office move is to sign over small amounts of crates to a designated team leader of each department. That way they are responsible for their, say 10, crates and will be responsible for returning them at the end of the move. Ten crates are far easier to keep track of than 500, for example.

Another solution to the problem is crate liners – single wall cardboard boxes that fit snuggly inside each crate. At the end of the removal, the crate liners are lifted out and placed on the appropriate desk for unpacking and all the crates are counted up and taken back with the removal company on the day of the move. This can save weeks of unnecessary crate hire and multiple collection charges.

The bottom line is speak to your removals company – they are specialists in office removals and will have lots of valuable advice to offer.

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