Driving in snow

At this time of year we are always concerned about our men driving in snowy conditions. There are several vehicle checks that we have to do to make sure that our vans are kept in good condition for this type of weather. The first is to make sure that the tyres are pumped up and that you have a spare tyre with the relevant equipment for changing it. If you’re having trouble in the snow, so will the tow truck. We also have to make sure that each van has anti-freeze liquid and a scraper so that the driver can see out the window. Every van must have a first aid kit in case something happens and they can’t get to A&E quickly. Our guys always wear safety boots that are waterproof anyway, but they do help if the guys ever had to park the van and walk out in the snow because they have very good grip. It’s also always a good idea to take a bottle of water along in case you’re stuck in the car for long periods. Luckily, we tend to move homes and offices within London where the snow does not affect us greatly and we are very lucky to have a lot of gritting trucks out there helping to keep the roads clear.

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