Every Home Move Starts With An Emotional Decision

I have been doing this job a long time. And the one truth that is universal about all home moves is that they stem from an emotional decision. Nobody randomly wakes up in the morning and decides out of thin air that the one thing they really want to do is move. To pack up all their belongings, dismantle all their furniture and move it all into a new home that isn’t quite suited for their stuff. It doesn’t happen. And when laid out like that, it is a wonder that people even convince themselves to move at all.

So why do people move? I’ve found that generally the reasons stem from an evolution in their life. For example, two people fall in love and decide to take the next step in their relationship and move in together. A young family welcomes a new child into their home and now need more space for the little human and the many things that seem to follow them. Taking up a new job opportunity might require a relocation to another part of the nation or indeed to another country entirely. Perhaps the children have all left home and it’s time to look at moving into a smaller more manageable apartment from the large family home. Generally a home move indicates a movement in life as well.

Choose your new home for your new life

When planning your move it is always important to remember the underlying reason for the move. This should be taken into consideration when selecting the new home. For example, do you need more or less bedrooms as your family changes? Do you need space for a home office or do you simply need a pied-à-terre because your new job is going to keep you on the road? Do you need lots of family living space or a garden for the kids to run around in? The location is also important. Does the new home have to be near to the new job or the children’s school or the grandchildren?

By extension, before you actually start packing up your home, you should consider what you will need in this new life. Sometimes very little changes, such as a family home with 3 children will now have 4 children. Chances are you won’t be getting rid of anything, but you will need an extra bed and maybe a bigger dining table or sofa set. On the other hand, if you’re at the stage of life where you’re downsizing from the large family home to a little two bedroom bungalow, you will probably be getting rid of things. It’s always important to think about what you will need for your new life and only take those things into your new home. Rather than trying to squash all the furniture and belongings you currently have into a home that has been selected for the new life that you are going to lead.

When a reptile grows out of it’s skin, it sheds it and grows into new skin that is better suited to the current version of it’s body. In the same way, when human beings move into a new home, we are evolving as individuals and as family units and we should not be afraid to let go of those things that are no longer going to serve us in the new life that we are planning to lead.

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