Furnishing Your New Home: Part 1

When you’re in the planning stages for your upcoming move, you may realise that your new home is lacking in a few furnishing items. Perhaps it does not have as much built-in storage as your current abode. Or possibly, you’re moving to make space for a new baby – who will need a cot, changer and wardrobe. Another client of mine is moving from a large old-style flat to a modern apartment with more stream-lined dimensions. So she’s decided to get rid of her old heavy teak furniture and replacing it with contemporary furniture that is more in keeping with her fashionable new home.

Moving is all about change

As I’ve said before, all moves are about some sort of progression in life. There is something that is changing about your day to day business and this will be reflected in the choices you are making about your new home. The logic of change is that something must be let go of so that something else can take it’s place. When you are planning for your new home, you may very well know that you need some new furnishings. But it’s not always sensible or even feasible to buy the new furniture while you are still in your old home.

When you think about the furnishing items you might want for your new home, you will find that they fall into two separate categories. On the first list, you will have the high-priority items. These might include beds or a washing machine that are being replaced. On the second list, you will have the low-priority items. These include the decorative artwork you think will look perfect in the hallway and the new dining table that you believe you absolutely have to have to make best use of the space.

I urge you NOT to buy any low-priority furnishing items!

Please, please, please! Whatever you do, don’t buy any furnishings for your new home that isn’t vitally important before you’ve moved in. As much as we like to think that we are able to imagine how we will be living in a space. We’ve drawn up our floor plans. We’ve worked through the daily scenarios that will play out in the new house. The truth is that we just don’t know how we’re really going to feel about things until we’re actually living in the house. This is because that evolution that I spoke about earlier, that reason for moving in the first place, it hasn’t been enacted yet. You’re making plans with your “pre-move” self. You’re planning from the perspective of someone who hasn’t taken that new job or birthed that new baby or started that new business. You simply aren’t the person who you’re going to be in this new home. So don’t make decisions on behalf of your future self until you find out who you are going to be.

Choose items that reflect your life

I’ve come across this conundrum many, many times over the years. People find a new home and they, understandably, get very excited about it. They start seeing sofas that will look gorgeous in the new lounge. And dining tables that will be just fabulous when having dinner parties. Ooh, and that artwork! It will be beautiful in the new hallway. But once they move into the new house and they start their new job / birth their new baby / start their new business, they don’t have time for dinner parties. Or perhaps they feel differently about their days, so the artwork that uplifted them before, now depresses them. And the most common of all the scenarios is that the sofa that you thought would be perfect, doesn’t physically fit in the new lounge.

There is a lot of excitement around moving home. A lot of pressure to have the home immediately ready to receive guests and looking like something out of a magazine. Be patient and kind with yourself. Your home is an organic reflection of your life and your family. Give yourself time to live in it a little and get to know it. So that when you spend money on new furnishings you know its right for your home and not a waste of your funds.

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