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Last week we celebrated a fantastic year in removals. This time last year, we were really and truly the recession and the effect it was going to have on our business. Since a decrease in house sales was a direct effect of the financial downturn, a decrease in corresponding house moves was also felt. However, since then, the economy has lifted and in conjunction with loads of effort from everyone in our team, we have survived this last year and done quite well.

We’ve done some amazing moves this year. We moved a couple 5 days before they gave birth to their first daughter – I remember because she has the same birthday as me! We moved another couple on the day that their baby was due. The idea being that the due date would be the one day the baby would not arrive. Everything went to plan, but the new parents-to-be were quite tense all day waiting for the first signs of the new arrival.

We continued our regular work of moving, storing and archiving for one of our corporate clients throughout the year. We had 4 office moves that resulted in executives from those companies choosing to move with us also. This year’s most complicated office move required 10 men to take 3 vans’ worth of equipment and files from the 6th floor in Cavendish Square, where city works had nicked our parking spaces to the 6th floor in Trafalgar Square where the entrance is next to one of the busiest bus stops in London. However, our biggest office move this year required 14 men every day for 3 days which resulted in the relocation of over 300 office workstations.

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