Hassle free moving service

With ever increasing frequency we are getting requests from clients for “the works”. It may that it is time and work constraints, being out of the country and unable to orchestrate the move or just weariness from having had to move home too often.

These clients want us to collect keys, pack up everything (right from screwing back the cap on the toothpaste!), move, unpack and a spot of interior decoration thrown in. Fortunately the men we employ all have the common sense, resourcefulness and experience to carry these requests out. Having moved so many homes and seen the inside of all types of properties, they have the knack of just know ing where to place the furniture and how to make it all fit in.

The initial request is always made quite tentatively but when we say yes, we will do whatever is required, the relief and appreciation is always quite incredulous. So spread the word, we wiill do whatever is required to take away the hassle of moving home.

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