Hints & Tips for packing and moving house

BOOKS and records are deceptively heavy; we suggest you make use of the smaller boxes. As an alternative half fill the larger cartons and put light things on top. Pack books with the spine on top.

DRAWERS in chests can be left filled with linen and clothes but ensure that any heavy, fragile or valuable items are emptied. Drawers in divan beds should be emptied.

CLOTHES rails and wardrobe boxes can be provided on the day for the contents of wardrobes. Please make sure all hangers are same way round as this makes transferring them onto rails much easier. All other small effects in wardrobes should be packed into boxes.

LAMP shades should be removed and packed separately.

PLANTS pack 5 or 6 smaller plants in a box with some packing material between the pots so they won’t fall over, seal the box with the flaps up to give extra protection. Leave larger plants for us to deal with. Whilst we will take great care with your plants they are not covered by insurance.

FRIDGES AND FREEZERS should be emptied and defrosted.

COOKERS should be cleaned thoroughly as grease can lead to a nasty accident. Pack the glass plate out of the microwave and any loose fittings off the cooker.

Removal Day

ACCESS TO THE PREMISES – Before your removal can commence, the van must be placed as near as possible to the building. Think about the access at the other end, note that if we have quoted for delivery to an address with good access and the van cannot get close to the property this will add on to the length of the job.

THE REMOVAL CREW – Our crews are friendly and helpful men who are trained porters with considerable experience. They will be delighted to hear good advice but you will not need to stand over them to ensure they are careful. They will not mind if you want to help with the smaller things, but please remember that they are ultimately responsible for the safe delivery of your possessions. Moving furniture is heavy work requiring continuous mental and physical effort so the odd tea break goes down well and gives the crew the chance to meet you.

BEFORE LEAVING MAKE SURE EVERYTHING HAS BEEN LOADED – Check fitted wardrobes, lofts, airing cupboards, garages and sheds. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that everything is taken.

DELIVERING YOUR GOODS – It is important that someone is on hand when the van arrives so that the crew can be told where to put each item as it is unloaded. Your furniture will be placed where you want it providing it is reasonably possible to do this. Labelling boxes saves time. It is a good idea to have a set room for boxes which will not be unpacked straight away to avoid clutter in the main rooms. Check with the moving team, that the van is clear of your goods and that any special items have been placed in a designated area.

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