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moving homeWe are working on a new page for our website to celebrate everyone who has recommended us. On trawling through the diary, it almost became like the game “6 degrees of seperation”. It turns out there are groups of friends who have recommended us to all their freinds and so on and so on. The number of jobs that came through recommendations was close to 70%.

This proves the power of “word of mouth”. The only time people will talk about a service they received is if the work was exceptional or exceceptionally bad. In our case, it’s all good!

Moving home can be an awful experience, and the majority of customers came to us having experienced the cowboy style of removals and were happy to pay the extra for the enhanced service. Once they realised what an easy stress-free experience it could be, they couldn’t stop raving.

We value and reward our recommendations and will always send a card and a thank you.

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