House Moves are on the up!

new home keysThere’s nothing like good news and here it is …. the housing market is picking up. May has brought record numbers of home move enquiries. We had 19 enquiries on one particular day.

The general trend seems to be that people have got “bored” with the recession and decided to move. One of our clients told me yesterday that he and his wife decided to buy a house to “cheer themselves up!” Good for them, I say.

The housing market was the first to be hit before the phrase credit crunch had even been invented and we felt the effects a good year before the rest of the economy, so hopefully the trend will be that as we move out of this economic gloom, the rest of the country is not too far behind.

Our thinking is that there is now a huge backlog of people who need to move. We have clients ringing in to book their moves, that were planned for, and ready to go ahead a year ago. I think we’re in for a busy summer….

Now with 2 million unemployed, can we find some new staff? If you know of any good removal men please send them our way.

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