House prices rise yet again.

The headlines in The Times, 31 July say “Unthinkable, but true, house prices rise yet again”.

How quickly the tide turns only 4-5 months ago, they were saying the market would take at least a year to recover. This was the worst recession in history, negative equity would exceed the peeks reached in the early 90’s and so on.

Let’s focus on the positive though, and enjoy the upsurge. This is mainly because there will alwasy be a shortage of properties which will drive prices up. We will soon be approaching Autumn which is a quieter time for home sales but equally there is such a backlog of people who put their moves on hold over the last 18 months, hopefully one will counteract the other.

The bonus of course, is that we are a London-based removal company, so are best place to enjoy any economic upsurge. Further North demand is less robust.

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