How to compare removal quotes

In tough times, everyone shops around for the best deal and price is paramount. Recently one of our clients gave us a quote she had received from aonther company.

On the face of it, it did seem that our quote was double the other company. On closer inspection this is what we found buried in the small print, or not mentioned:

The quote only allowed for a “blanket wrap” meaning that every piece of furniture would only be loosely covered in a removal blanket during transit. Our service offers special, and in some cases, export wrapping for every piece of furniture. Sofas and mattress are put into special canvas covers, picture and mirrors are bubbled and carded, plasma screen tv’s get moved with a purpose-made protective cover.

Packing boxes were supplied on a deposit basis. There was no provision for white paper for wrapping crockery or bubblewrap for special pieces.

The dismantling and reassembly service was restricted to beds only, implying that the customer would have to dismantle and reassemble all the other pieces.

Storage was quoted per container however the small print suggested that there would be a requirement for 6 containers. Further down the quote was mention of a handling charge on each container however the amount was not specified.

Parking arrangements were clearly the responsibility of the customer. Wherever possible we try to make these arrangments for our moving clients.

There were a number of optional extras such as cancellation waiver, waititng time waiver and disposal. We have considered offering these charges but believe they are a bit like “extended warrantees” – not worth the paper they’re written on and really just another opportunity to make money.

At Amber Moves we pride ourselves on our transparant quoting and the fair calculation of the bill at the end of the job based on the actual work carried out. This way our clients have flexibility and can have extra or unexpected work done or perhaps, even do more preparation in advance of the move, to bring the final bill down.

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