Love It. Need It. Bin It.

Moving home, especially if it’s been a while since you last moved, can be a stressful experience. You may be dumbfounded as to how you accumulated so much without noticing it, or overwhelmed by the idea of downsizing to fit everything into your new, smaller property. Perhaps it’s time for a good sort-through.

We suggest making 3 groups:

Using 3 simple categories you can sort through the most important things to keep for your new home. But if you find that your “Love It” pile is far bigger than any of the others, sort through it again and be stricter with yourself. Do you REALLY love it? Perhaps you’re just holding on to unnecessary clutter.

Binning an item does not always mean it’s going to the dump. Find friends or family who are interested in taking them off your hands. You can also try auctioning items off if they’re in good condition, donating them to charity or using Freecycle to find someone local who is looking for that exact item. When passing on your items to others, try not to be shocked or offended when they’re not interested. No everyone likes antique furniture or flower-patterned curtains. If there really is no other alternative, the items may just have to go to the dump. Not to worry, as we conduct environmentally friendly disposal.

Love It Need It Bin It

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