Moving A Property Chain

This week we had 2 instances where we moved two people in the same house chain – two customers moving in and out of the same property. There are a couple of benefits to doing things this way.

Logistically, we can ensure that we finish and start on time since it can sometimes happen that we have arrived at the new property waiting for those people to vacate their home. However, we can’t speed up the handing over of keys.

Parking costs at the in/out address can be split between the two customers as parking arrangements are usually for day-long periods. Not only is it slightly cheaper for the customer, it’s also less admin for us as it’s a two-for-one kind of deal and we can take advantage of the parking for the entire day.

We would suggest that the two parties who will be moving out and in of the same property keep in touch and communicate as to when keys are likely to be exchanged as well as who is responsible for cleaning the property.

Credit: Property Observer

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