Moving elderly people

Today I received the loveliest letter from one of our clients. We are moving her elderly parents and the letter went as follows:

I really appreciate the way Andrew put them at ease, and the helpful way you have dealt with my enquiries. They have not been in good health and the last time they moved was in 1957, so this is a very big deal, and it is a great relief to me that you understand this. I fell very hopeful that you will make this as good an experience, and as stress-free as possible. Your website is very good and reassuring. Thank you.

We do appreciate how difficult moving elderly people is and our staff are trained to deal with the personal and emotional side of moving too. Our aim is always to offer peace of mind, and on this occasion we certainly have. It is also so heart-warming to deal with lovely people and receive such a kind and thoughtful letter.

Rest assured we will look after our client’ s parent’s move and deliver everything that has been promised and more.

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