Moving home – where can I get advice?

It’s such a daunting prospect and there are some many things to consider when moving home. If you are one of the very priviliged few there are companies that will do everything from sourcing the property, changing your address, packing and unpacking, cleaning, decorating, pet sitting and so on. However for most of us, we can outsource the main job i.e the removal but have to do the nitty gritty ourselves.

There are lots of short cuts and tricks of the trade and the internet is a goldmine of information and help. Your removal company wants your move to go as smoothly as possible and don’t be shy – even if it is a service you have not contracted them to do, they can still provide you with valuable advice on how to get it done. A good example is getting rid of unwanted items. As a well established removals company proud of our “green” credentials we have charities we work with who will be glad of old office furniture, kids toys, books or even washing machines. We can also advise you on the best storage options and understand that sometimes self storage may be more suitable to your needs and will help with the arrangements instead of insisting you use our containerised storage. Remember “ask, and you shall receive”. This applies to the price too – discounts can be negotiated especially if your move involves two moves or if you require long term storage.

Moving home can be very stressful and sometimes it may just be worth indulging yourself and treating yourself to the little extras – perhaps a packing service or proper packing materials like wardrobes to make the job easier.

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