Moving Home With Children

For a child, moving home can feel like a terrifying change – new home, new school, new friends – but there are ways to ease the transition. Here are some useful tips for dealing with a young child when moving home:

  1. If your family has recently experienced a major life change, such as a divorce or death, you may want to postpone the move until your child has adjusted to the new situation.
  2. Inform your child of the move well in advance to get them used to the idea of a new home. You could try explaining it in a story using toy trucks and dolls so that it comes across more as entertaining and fun.
  3. If the new home is vacant (or being built), take your child to see the new property a few times before actually moving in. Alternatively, you could spend some time walking around in the new neighbourhood to help familiarise them with the new surroundings.
  4. Get them involved in the move by letting them help to pack or organise their own room for moving day, or letting them pick out different colours for their new room.
  5. Explain to your child that their toys are not being thrown away or disappearing when they go into a box, but only staying together in the box (call it a “bus”) so that they can travel safely together to their new home.
  6. Try not to replace their bedroom furniture until well after the move as these items will help maintain familiarity in their new environment.
  7. It’s best if your child is able to stay with a friend or relative during moving day as you will be too busy to monitor your child or give them enough attention when so many things are going on around you. If this is not possible and your child is present during move day, it’s better to set up their room first at the new address. This will offer some normalcy to their day, while also providing them with a secure environment to keep entertained while you deal with the rest of the move day.
  8. It is vital that you remain positive throughout the move as your child will be looking to you for reassurance about the change.
  9. Try to maintain the same bedtime and mealtime routines to help ease the changeover.
  10. As Christmas time is approaching, many children will be worried that Father Christmas won’t be able to deliver their gifts to them. Create a change of address form that can be “specially delivered” to Santa in the North Pole. We’ve created one for our customers which you can download here, which can be addressed to us and we’ll make sure Santa’s records get updated.

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