Moving Home With Pets – Cats & Dogs

For most people, pets are considered part of the family. If you’re avoiding moving home because you’re afraid your dog or cat will run back to your old home, or you’d like to make the move as stress-free for your pet as possible, we’ve found some great tips here which we’ve summarised.

  1. Confine them to one room while the removal men carry out their job to reduce chances of pets running to a place of safety (like the neighbour’s).
  2. Familiar toys and bedding (with all its old smells) in the new home will help ease into the unfamiliar setting.
  3. Give your pets plenty of attention and reassurance before, during and after the move.
  4. Following a move, keep your pets indoors – our outdoors under supervision – for a week to prevent them from running back to the old home.
  5. On moving day, to avoid accidents during the drive to the new home, do not feed your pets 3 hours before leaving the old property.
  6. Placing your pet in a kennel or cattery for a few days while the move is carried out may be an option, as well as sedation if your vet recommends it.
  7. Being territorial animals, cats and dogs may need to mark their territory at the new property. Cats may get into fights so check it regularly for wounds.
  8. Stick to the routines you had in your old home to help your pets settle in easier.

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