Moving Office: Move Managers

Moving office is a little different to moving home. Instead of wardrobes, it’s filing cabinets; instead of clothes, it’s paperwork; instead of 6 people, it’s 60. Moving office is a complicated procedure, even more so when it comes to a large workforce. Planning is crucial, which is why we use a Move Manager.

Our Move Manager meets up with the contact person on the client’s side to work out the most efficient strategy for relocating the office. Having floor plans of both properties, knowing exactly where the furniture will fit into the new office space, and being aware of when other departments (like IT) will be conducting their work, help the Move Manager plan a sequence of events that will decrease the likelihood of any hiccups during the move. While being a contact point for the customer, the Move Manager is also leading the removal team by assigning roles based on the overall plan. After all, you can’t move the furniture without dismantling it first; or pack up the computers without decommissioning them first.

Photo Source: Expertise In Results

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