Office moves are booming

As Christmas approaches at a rate of knots, we find we are doing more and more office moves through December and stretching into the New Year. Despite the credit crunch London will always remain a buoyant market for commercial relocations. Whilst the domestic housing market stagnates and purse strings are pulled even tighter, having constant office moves is a great reassurance for us as a company and employer.

This is all good of course, but as with all moves there are so many variable and dates change, builders get delayed, leases don’t get signed and so on. The best strategy to deal with the constant date changes is to work in pencil! Somehow it always works out and in the end everyone gets moved on the date they want, even if this wasn’t necessarily the originally planned date.

There is a lot of work involved in planning an office move and not all of it revolves around the removal company. From the client’s perspective the objective is to have everyone sitting at their new desks with working computers and phones and no grumbles. Careful planning and keeping everyone up to speed is key whether this is done with coloured zones, CAD drawings or just a good old excel spreadsheet working matrix. From a moving point of view, the more information we have in advance the better coupled with one person in charge on the day that can make decisions and sign off the floor at the end of the move is paramount.

All the emails, phone calls and site surveys pay off in the end because this way the move is so well orchestrated, it actually can come in under budget. Our strategy of charging an hourly rate also works very well as the client is then not locked in to a fixed price with pre-agreed move criteria. Moves very rarely happen as planned as there are often unforseen circumstances. Often the move actually reduces in size, and with our pricing structure, so does the cost of the move. The client only pays for the work actually done at the time of the move.

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