How to Pack DVDs and CDs

When packing up your DVDs and CDs, it’s a fairly straight-forward affair. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Where possible, try to dedicate entire boxes to each category. CD and DVD cases are so regular it is a shame to waste the efficiency that can be achieved when packing these items by trying to fit disparate items in the same box. When unpacking, it’s also generally very easy to separate DVDs and CDs into various piles if you do keep collections for separate rooms.

Stack the cases vertically, rather than horizontally. This gives a more even distribution of forces across all the cases. Rather than putting more force on the bottom cases, which may lead them to crack. This could be exacerbated if there was a crack in the casing previously. Children’s CDs and DVDs tend to have prior damage, so this method is particularly helpful for them.

CDs and DVDs tend not to need any special covering to help protect them, but if you have any collector’s sets that you want to keep in mint condition, then I recommend covering them in a layer or two of bubble wrap and packing into a smaller box.

Remember to consider the weight of the boxes

CD cases tend to be made from a denser plastic than DVD cases. So try to use a small box for CDs. You can use a medium-sized box for DVDs. It is important to remember that you need to be able to move the box once you’ve packed it. So even if you just need to get the box to the other side of the room, you still need to make sure that the box isn’t packed heavier than what you can carry.

Once you’ve filled the box with CD or DVD cases, fill any remaining space with scrunched up packing paper. Remember that other boxes may end up being stacked on top of this box, so you need to fill the box enough so that it won’t cave in when something else is placed on it.

Make sure to tape the top and bottom properly, to help support the weight. Use 2 to 4 layers of tape on each side if necessary. Don’t try to fold the flaps over each other without taping together. The box will not have enough strength to carry the weight of it’s own contents, let alone any additional weight from boxes that are stacked on top of it.

Label the box with the name of the room that it should go into in the new home. Make a note of the contents, ie. CDs or DVDs. If you have any collector’s sets, write FRAGILE on the box. This communicates to anybody handling the box that they should take extra care.

Don’t forget about the children

If there are any particular favourites, I recommend writing the title on the box too. Sometimes children go through phases where they like to watch a particular DVD or listen to a particular CD every day. No matter how much you try to prepare your children for the change they are going to experience. It can still be distressing for them to move from the old familiar home to a new unknown place. And being able to watch their favourite movie can be a source of comfort on a day that will be out of the ordinary. So I recommend knowing which box that DVD will be found in, so that it can be set up quickly on arrival if necessary.




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