How To Pack Picture Frames And Mirrors

Pictures frames and mirrors are great for getting some packing done ahead of your move. Although your walls will start to feel a little bare, you can easily get these done well in advance. And best of all, you won’t inconvenience any family members.

You will need packing boxes, tape, packing paper, super bubble wrap and a craft knife.

Firstly, gather together all your picture frames from around the house. Collect up everything from the little frames that nestle on shelves right up to the large frames and mirrors that hang on the walls. Bring them together in piles of similar sizes.

Prepare a small box by folding over the bottom flaps and applying 2 layers of tape across the central seam. Then apply 2 layers of tape crosswise at intervals. Scrunch up 10 to 15 individual sheets of packing paper and use them to line the bottom of the box. These paper balls act as a dampener for the forces that the box contents might experience.

Start with the smallest frames. Wrap each frame in a sheet of packing paper. If the frames are very small, you may be able to wrap more than one frame in a single sheet. Make sure that there is still a bit of paper around each frame, even the back side.

Once you’ve wrapped the picture frames, you can pack them into boxes

Stack the wrapped frames next to each other, vertically rather than horizontally. This helps to evenly distribute the downward forces that will be acting on the frames and any glass inserts that are present.

Once you’ve filled the box with a single layer of the smallest frames, scrunch up another 10 to 15 sheets of packing paper. Place these paper balls around and on top of the layer of frames. Make sure that you fill-up all the spaces and scrunch up more paper sheets if necessary. Close the flaps of the box and apply 2 layers of tape across the central seam. Then apply 2 layers of tape crosswise at intervals.

Continue your packing with a new box, using a larger size if necessary. Once you get to the picture frames and mirrors that are larger than the boxes that you have available, then you need to use an alternative method.

Cover the larger picture frames with a layer of super bubble wrap. Cover mirrors with two layers of super bubble wrap. Take a flattened box and cut it along one edge, so that you have one long sheet of cardboard. Use the cardboard the cover the glass or mirror front, wrapping any excess cardboard around the edges. Use tape to hold the cardboard in place. If you feel it’s necessary, use more cardboard boxes to protect all the glass, mirror and fragile surfaces and edges. Ideally, you would cover the picture frame or mirror entirely in cardboard to make it as stackable as possible. But you may feel that is excessive for the value of the picture frame.

Remember, with anything that has glass, more protective packaging is always better. If in doubt, use another layer rather, especially if the item is particularly valuable.

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