Parking in London

One of the most important issues to address when conducting a removal is the access to to the properties. When you have men loading up a whole van of your belongings, you want to reduce the distance from the entrance to the van as much as possible. You don’t want them to have to dodge passing pedestrians on a long walk down the block to the van. London, however, has some of the most finicky parking regulations you will ever find. Each council has different rules regarding pay & display bays, resident bays and yellow lines. For example, a yellow line dispensation in London is fairly easy to arrange and costs nothing. However, there are many rules that need to be stuck to while making use of the service. You have to give the council 24 hours notice, be specific about location, time and the vehicle to be used. Then once you’ve arrived, you have to ensure that someone is constantly at the van and that you are not causing any obstructions. This results in vans being driven round the block to ease congestion even though all steps have been taken to ensure that they are allowed to wait on the yellow line. This is just the nature of managing transport in a city that was not designed around the needs of tradesmen using vans. That was just one example of one of the easier parking situations to resolve in London. Most customers move from one borough to another – new parking situation, new regulations. This all needs to be taken into consideration when moving home or business in London and most customers don’t even realise that all these considerations are being dealt with while we are moving their property.

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