One of the most important aspects to manage in a removal is the location of the van. The distance between the van and the furniture that needs to be loaded into it must be reduced to a minimum. Every step is an opportunity for an item to be dropped and so, to limit the potential for damage to occur, we have to limit the distance that items need to be carried.

Today we have a particularly awkward situation to deal with. We are moving a customer from a mansion block in Maida Vale that has a driveway. You’d think that this is ideal, but the other tenants will need to be able to use the driveway as well. So we will have to lock up the van and drive around the block every time someone needs to leave or enter. “Why don’t you park in the road?” you might say, but there is a bus stop and red lines all the way along the block. If we tried to find a place to park where we could leave the vans for the duration, then we would have to park two blocks away. So you see, it’s all about finding the balance between parking as close as possible, but also being aware of the neighbours and being considerate towards them.

Parking Lot with cars queuing to get as close to the shopfront as possible.

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