Reasons Why Removals Work Makes Good Rugby Players

Removals is a physically demanding job. Even our crew members who play rugby say so. That’s why we believe removals work is great training for a rugby player. Think about it:

1. It’s a great cardio workout with loads of stairs to run and plenty of walking involved.

2. It provides opportunities for strength training when it comes to lifting and loading heavy pieces of furniture.

3. It improves foot-eye co-ordination since you’ll have no way of seeing the floor in front of you as you hold a stack of 3 boxes at a time.

4. It’s a team sport as you’ll be relying on your colleagues to play their part – especially on those 2-man lifts – in order to complete the job.

5. It focuses on endurance training as removal day is usually 10 hours long with no breaks and no substitutes.

6. It’s all about the fans because just like any sports team plays for their supporters, a removal team works for their customers. The customer’s satisfaction is just as fulfilling as the roar of the crowd.

We would love to help some of the rugby teams with their training during this year’s Rugby World Cup.

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