Relocation of IT systems

Planning and managing the relocation of IT systems requires an enormous amount of skill, expertise and manpower. Your IT department will need to maintain your computer system and network during the office move. However they will probably have never relocated before. Therefore, it would be best to seek professional advice. It is advisable to appoint a removal company who work in conjuction with an IT specialist at an early stage, to assess the project accurately so you can decide when and where you might need additional resources. Amber Moves work closely with a number of IT consultancies and have recently engaged West Tek to ensure we never drop an e.mail.

When moving office , please remember the IT equipment needs to be a wrapped and moved correctly using size specific crates.

The server unit mechanisms will need extra considerations. Often old unwanted componets need to be disposed of. It is essential this is carried out using the WEEE directive and that any confidential data has been removed, destroyed or rendered irretrievable.

Your work stations need to be ready for your IT, so it is vital that the dismantling and reassembly is co ordinated. Making sure that you have an onsite IT technician for the day of the move and that all system back ups have been taken and verified.

Finally don’t underestimate the time for testing and reinstalling.

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