Removals in 2009

What will 2009 bring? If you read the newspapers, it is all doom and gloom with companies going out of business every day and the jobless total rising. Will house prices continue to fall? When will the economy start to pick up? No one managed to accurately predict the scale and speed of the recessions so it’s safest not to rely on predictions for the future either.

Everyday we continue to thrive, keep our workforce at the same level, and booking in new jobs and this makes me proud of our achievements. In essence we must be doing something right! It is fair to say that we do lose some business on price as our competitors offer cheaper and cheaper deals but running a removals company for this long has taught me that if you cut your prices you also have to lower the quality of the service you deliver. We have grown from strength to strength providing a very high level of service on all removals work we do and it’s not an area to compromise on. The outcome can only be no repeat business, insurance claims for damages and the loss of your reputation, which is invaluable.

In times of a recession everyone will of course consider any purchase they make more carefully and price is often a deciding factor. However, the old adage that if something is too good to be true, then this is often the case. Buy on quality, recommendations and above all your instinct which if we listen to it, is always right.

I believe 2009 will be a tough year, but people will still move, offices will restructure and the world will keep turning on it’s axis.

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