Removals Manual: The Use of Crates in Office Relocations

LC3 Crate

When moving office, there are many things to consider, but one thing we could absolutely not do without is the good old crate. So here is the info you need to better understand the requirements for your office when relocating.

LC3 crates are used to transport paperwork and other miscellaneous items such as stationery and personal effects. They measure 600 x 415 x 330 mm which is equivalent to 3 cubic feet and they are lidded. They can also be provided with security seals and labels to ensure confidentiality of records during the relocation and clarity regarding their contents. These crates also have runners along the sides that allow suspension files to be transported in the same manner that they are housed in the filing cabinet.You can fit approximately 6 arch lever files or the contents of 1 suspension drawer into an LC3 crate.

IT Crates are used to transport computer systems, i.e. a computer box, screen, keyboard & mouse; as well as fax machines and desktop printers. They are larger than LC3 crates in order to accommodate a full computer system, keeping the components of each workstation together. They measure 590 x 550 x 600 mm which is equivalent to 7 cubic feet and are also lidded.

Most companies prefer to have their staff pack the files and personal effects into the LC3 crates as they know best which files should be kept together and if any particular order is relevant. It often falls to us to pack the IT crates as this requires greater skill and care. The computer systems must first be switched off and disconnected from the main power supply and the local area network. The various components are then disconnected from each other. The computer box and monitor are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in the crate in such a way that these pieces will not move once they start to be transported. The mouse, keyboard and all associated cables are the last to be placed.

Our vans can hold up to 140 crates. Even though LC3 crates are about half the size of IT crates, they tend to weigh twice as much. We have to take this into consideration when loading the van. Crates are generally delivered about 2 working days before the move and collected about 2 working days after the move, to give staff time to pack and unpack their crates. More often than not there is also a weekend in there as well, meaning most companies need to hire crates for at least a week.

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