Removing Fridge-Freezers

If the fridge-freezer is going with you when you move office or home, it’s important that you defrost it before doing so. Switch it off 24 hours before removal in order to melt any ice build-up and clean any other spillage that might result from it being cut from its power supply. If the fridge-freezer is not dried out before being transferred, it can cause damage to the floor surfaces of either property, as well as further damage inside the van where it’s surrounded by the rest of your items.

It’s also important to let your removal company know if you’re moving an American fridge-freezer as these are slightly more complicated to move. Since they are larger than the average, they are heavier and do not fit through regular doorways so they need to have the doors taken off in order to remove them from the property.

Credit: Vicki Horton

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