Route Planning

When transporting a particular volume, the route from base through to the collection point and the delivery location and back to base again is very important. This should be taken into consideration when collating the moving plan.

Firstly, establish the route that is to be followed and then check for tollgates, congestion zones, low bridges, archways and other height restrictions as well as road closures due to road works and sporting events and concerts.

Alternative routes must be found to circumvent some of these obstacles and where there are charges imposed by local government, these need to be included in the budget for the project. Finally, where the vehicle cannot get close enough to the entrance of the property, additional manpower will be required to cover the extra distance, depending on how far it is.

Today, we have two moves that have been affected by road closures related to the Olympics. So we have been onto to check out the route and have called the local councils to check where and when road closures are taking place to ensure that we reduce the delays as much as possible.

A highway intersection that has been mangled into a giant ball

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