Saving Money By Self-Packing

If you’re trying to save money on your move, the best place to start is by doing your own packing. Generally, the cost of packing a home is one-third of the overall moving costs. If you find you’re not up to the task (and believe me, there’s no shame in admitting it because it can be quite overwhelming) you can always decide to do only a portion of the packing. Should you go this route it’s important to understand which items will actually make a difference – i.e. the difficult items.

For example, in the average 2-bedroom flat, we estimate that 60 boxes will be needed (excluding wardrobe boxes). Usually, 20-30 boxes will be used in the kitchen-dining room alone and the other 30 boxes will be divided amongst the remaining rooms. On average, one of our men would spend 10 hours packing the kitchen-diner and 2-3 hours with the rest of the rooms. This is due to the kitchen items being fragile and requiring more care and attention with individual wrapping, compared to the ‘easier’ items from the other rooms – such as books, DVDs and general items – which are quicker to pack owing to their standard and robust shapes. As you can see, even though both sections have the same amount of designated boxes, they differ in the amount of work required to complete them.

Kitchen packing

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