Into Store For Renovations

So you’ve found your new home and you want to turn it into your dream home. But to do that, rooms need to be renovated, appliances need to be upgraded, and extensions need to be built. A great solution is moving items into store to allow you enough space to refurbish the property.

Some people choose to live in an entirely separate property while their entire home is overhauled, and others choose to remain in their home while one or two rooms are being worked on. It all depends on how much needs to be done in a certain period of time.

Whichever route you go for, remember to choose a reputable storage company and make sure that their units are of high quality, which are not susceptible to flooding or fire. You wouldn’t want to pay for things to be kept in store and then have to replace those items because they were damaged whilst in store.

When your renovations are done you can move your items in. Note the emphasis on the word ‘done’. Do not plan for when the work is estimated to be done because these kinds of things always run overtime – that has always been the case in our experience anyway. If you move your items back in while the work is not yet complete, you run the risk of damaging the items and the property – either with paint splashes on the furniture or spoiling the newly-painted walls.

Whether you need storage for a week or a year, Amber Moves can provide your belongings with a temporary residence while you revamp your home.

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