When the decision to move has been made, whether an office or a household removal; what does one do with those unwanted, broken and to be replaced items? One could move these belongings as part of the reloaction and store them in the vain hope that one day they may become useful. Alternatively one could dispose of everything using Amber Moves programme of clearance.

Office disposal is governed by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive which became law in the UK in 2007. It covers the production disposal and recycling of electrical equipment and diverts as much as possible from landfill through proper reuse and recycling. The implications of this directive will be discussed in future blogs

With domestic moves, Amber Moves has created a programme of clearance, based on the office model to ensure that the excess items are reused, recycled and donated, so that a minimum goes to landfill and the home owner has a convenient and cost effective method of disposal.

In step one, the householder is advised on how to keep the waste to a minimum as part of their home removal. After the advice has been implemented the unwanted items and and rubbish are collected. In phase two all the boxes and packaging associated with the move are prepared whenever possible for the next move or storage. Part three of the clearance is to recycle the unwanted furniture and clothing through request initiatives and Freecycle. Small items including unwanted clothes are donated to local charity shops. Amber Moves also has storage units where these items are stored in preparation for spring boot fares, where they are sold by volunteers for charity. The fourth phase is to recycle the component parts; wood, metal, plastic, paper etc. at a recycle depot. Finally non recycle material is taken to a registered waste management site, where it is weighed and correctly tipped and so ends the clearance programme that is conducted by this London removals company.

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