The Delight Of Decluttering

A new home should be the chance for a new beginning. The option to get rid of those knick-knacks you bought at the market that you thought were really cute but added nothing to the overall ambiance of the room. The opportunity to go through your closet and pass down the clothes that don’t fit that well any more; to sift through your twenty pairs of jeans and realise that, really, you only wear 3 of them; and to throw out those worn socks and broken shoes that you’d be embarrassed to wear in public. Then you’ll find you don’t even need that much furniture because you don’t need a place to store all those items you’ve gotten rid of.

For tackling this task, you need to ask yourself:

The delight of decluttering is an emotional journey. It’s about letting go of things you can do without and the freedom of starting over in a new, clutter-free home.

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