To Dismantle or not dismantle? that is the question

Both the home and the office contain items of furniture that have been assemble in situ. London removals often have, desks, beds, sofas, bookcases, twin cupboards, wardrobes, tables, cots and ouotside toys and garden furniture, even sheds. All took time to build (more than you remember) and are usually accompained by assembly instruction. However when it comes to your move, the instruciton have disappeared (not that you understood them in the 1st place) and these items all have to be dismantled unless they are being left behind. They also need to be reassembled in your new home or office unless they are to be put into storage.

It is recommended that these items are dismantled prior to the move day where ever possible, although with moving home this is not always possible as you are likely to need to use the furniture up until the actual move day. Amber Moves usually dismantles on the packing day. Taking apart these items is a skilled job and requires the proper tools. (Do you know were you put that allen key?) If you want this service, make sure it is included in your removal cost. Many removal firms hide this cost as an extra and it does not appear in the estimate. The more items of furniture that you have to be disassembled and put back together on the house move or Office move the longer the job will take. Again it is important that the time is considered and usually a fitter is required as part of the removal team , particularly in the office move environment where desks with partitioning and computer trunking systems can take upto an hour per desk to dismantle and reassemble.

Wardrobes are the most complicated and time consuming items to deal with in the home move. Old style wardrobes divide in the middle, so all the pieces crossing the join have to be removed. Modern wardrobes dismantle into panels and although termed ‘flat pack’ the chipboard is very easily damaged and needs extra care and attention when taking apart in preparation for reassembly, all the component parts also need to be wrapped and protected particulary the frontages and any glass pieces, usually a super bubble wrap with edging is required.

So to answer the question ‘ do I need a dismantling service ?’ the answer is yes if the furniture was put together and you do not have the skill, time , tools and wrappings to complete the proceedure.

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