To Dismantle Or Not To Dismantle?

From time to time we have customers ask us whether it is really necessary to dismantle certain pieces of furniture. This is understandable as one does not want to spend a lot of time unnecessarily dismantling a piece of furniture only to find that it doesn’t fit back together quite the same way. However, for many of us, our wardrobes, etc were built in situ and so we don’t have any real idea as to whether it can come out of the room or indeed down the stairs in full.

Our men have a lot of experience with these things and have developed a spatial awareness of how furniture can be moved through doorways and down stairs. They can generally see just by looking at it whether a piece of furniture will go through or not and they are right 99 times out a 100! Now we’ve had customers insist that the men try to take a piece down the stairs before dismantling it, despite being advised that it is best to separate the item into smaller parts first. This generally only wastes time by opting for a strategy that is simply not going to work. Dismantled furniture is also easier to protect, having fewer protrusions means that it’s easier to wrap in bubble wrap.

There are thousands of different kinds of furniture, with different ways of putting them together and some are more fragile than others. I am very proud of our men who are daily faced with a new piece of furniture and managing every time to dismantle it. Most of us remember when we bought that new piece of IKEA furniture and it took the whole day to put together, but our men manage to achieve the same in much less time. (And they do so without any screws going missing.)

Dismantling is a necessary part of a removal and helps to speed up the loading process and ensure that the customer’s possessions are kept safe. Always make sure whether dismantling and reassembly are included as part of the move when selecting a removal company.

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