Who Dunnit?

So you arrive in your new home and you unwrap your furniture and boxes to find, upon closer inspection, that your books don’t look as new as you remember them or your dining chair has a scratch you can’t account for. So who dunnit? Was it the removal man in the dining room with a Stanley knife? Or was it your mate in the living room with a cup of coffee? Even when removal companies are being as careful as possible, accidents still happen. It’s important to review your property before it’s taken away to your new home because chances are you’ve forgotten why you never use that vase in the back of the cabinet – it’s cracked! Sometimes, you don’t realise the state of your items.

Our removal men take note of items in less than perfect condition so that if damage is mentioned later, we have a better idea of where the fault lies. It would serve you well to do the same, especially when it comes to those particularly special items.

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