Will house prices rise?

Lets hope so, that way the housing market can get moving again. All the signs are there to show that there are definately green shoots in the market. Removal enquiries are on the up which I believe is a sign that everyone believes house prices have bottomed out and now the only way is up.

Clients who had planned to move last year have resurrected their sales and are now moving in the next month. Particularly in London there has always been a shortage of good size family homes, and supply and demand will always drive prices up.

Another factor brought about by the recession is the falling number of children attending private schools. Parents who are cutting back on school fees will now look to move to areas with good state schooling as an alternative.

Amber Moves, London’s premier removal company, are well placed and ready for the upturn. We’ve survived the recession and are in fact bigger and stronger as a result.

We look forward to moving homes across London throughout the summer and beyond.

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